I actually wrote “You’re All I Need” back in 1988, 26 years ago!   Gosh, time flies.  I was a mere child – only 26 years old!   Yes, you can do the math…  There was a 3 year period in my younger days when I wrote primarily country music, about 25 songs in all.  I wouldn’t consider this a “country” song by any means and it seems to fit right in with what I’m doing now so I decided to bring it back and introduce it to you!  There are two or 3 others songs from way back when that I hope to revive also sometime this year.   I put down my pen (songwriting) over two decades ago and developed interest in other areas (particular dancing – I actually became an instructor!).  I picked my songwriting back up about 5 years ago when I started writing Christian music and have been going strong ever since.  Gave up dancing and have found my music again.  Following my heart….. and this “calling” that I feel God has placed in my life.   I hope my song will be a blessing to you.

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