My journey writing Christian music started in early January of 2009 when after the death of Fred Clark, of one of my parents’ friends, I was led to relay a message to Fred’s wife, Duane. (I had met this lovely couple at church and had only spoken to them on a few occasions). Fred and Duane had been married for 57 years.

My song, “Don’t Cry For Me” started as a poem. (I had lost both my brother Mark, and best friend Mitzi, to cancer years ago and personally know the disparaging feeling of loss). After completing the poem, in learning how much the words provided comfort to Duane, I was subsequently inspired to write music to convert my poem into a song as a tribute and lasting memorial. The melody came to me in segments over a period of several days. I was mostly awakened with ideas for the melody in the middle of the night! I composed the melody on the old piano you see pictured on my home page and recorded it on a $5.00 tape recorder that I had purchased at a yard sale. Once the melody was completed, I reconnected with an old friend and local musician/singer, Bobby Kennedy, who performed and recorded “Don’t Cry for Me”. Bobby did a wonderful job on the vocal and created a beautiful piano track to accompany his vocal. I was brought to tears the first time I heard the finished product. The song was played on a local station, “Faith Radio” (here in Tallahassee), a few times and every time it was played, my phone would ring and/or people would email me wanting a copy. Some of the comments I heard were: “I cried with happy tears”, “I haven’t been able to cry for years but this song allowed me to cry with healing tears”, “this song is the only thing that has kept me going”, “I feel like my husband is speaking directly to me”, “I feel like my mother is still with me”, “those are the words he would have said to me”. I was encouraged by hearing how much my song meant to so many people. It truly warms my heart to recognize that God used me to relay a message of comfort to his people.

“Don’t Cry for Me” inspired me to write additional songs and subsequently purchase studio equipment to be able to produce and orchestrate the songs myself. My songs usually come to me in lyric form first and the melody soon follows. It’s an incredible experience to be able to create and give birth to a new song; from lyric, to melody, to full orchestration. Many of my songs are written for specific friends and acquaintances, and some I write for myself. Ideas for many of my songs are derived from personal experiences, testimonies, church sermons, movies and books, and daily events.

I never know when inspiration is going to hit so I’m always ready with pen and paper in hand – I even carry around a little electronic keyboard in my car! I feel my songs are an extension of me, a form of a legacy, so to speak, that can live on after I’ve been called home. My hope is that my music will really speak to the heart of the listener and allow them to personally relate to the messages that are being shared. I feel blessed that God has given this incredible gift to be able write and compose music, what I now refer to as “Soothing Messages for the Soul”. The general overtone of the songs I write relate to praise and worship, motivation, comfort, assurance, inspiration, guidance, and blessing. So,

I hope you will be blessed by the words and music that you hear.

Yours in Christ,