I hope you enjoyed my “Willie the Squirrel” song and video!   It was 4 months in the making….

In case you are wondering, Willie is actually a very real pet – a non-releasable squirrel who came into my life as a baby about 4 years ago.    Willie had severe malocclusion which is basically misalignment of the teeth.  I discovered as a baby that Willie’s top teeth were literally growing down his throat!   Squirrel incisors (front teeth) grow 6 inches a year, so without intervention by surgical removal of the affected teeth, Willie wouldn’t be here today!    I researched and found a squirrel specialty vet, Alicia Emerson, at Ravenwood Clinic in Port Orange, Florida, and drove Willie 4 hours by car (one way!) to have his misaligned upper teeth surgically removed.  (The cartoon character in my video is actually fashioned after Dr. Emerson!)  Willie recovered just fine and now enjoys a wonderful life at our home in Tallahassee, Florida.  Willie is a true joy and is the love of my life!  He is spoiled rotten!   I now enjoy volunteering at St. Francis Wildlife fostering baby squirrels.  My Facebook friends know me as “the squirrel girl” and I’m often called upon when orphan babies are found and cannot be reunited with their mothers.  I do hope my story song and video will be a blessing to you and to those you share it with!

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Squirrel Meets Girl!

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