My journey writing Christian music began in January of 2009 when God used the death of one of my parents’ friends to give me a message to relay to a grieving widow. That message soon evolved into the song, “Don’t Cry for Me”, which started me down the path of this music ministry, what I call “Soothing Messages for the Soul”. The song, “Don’t Cry for Me” was created after a 20-plus year cessation from songwriting. (I had previously written primarily country music in the early 90s). I’ve since been led to continue writing christian music, to create this website, and to relay messages to people—messages from God. Prior to this journey I was unable to verbally express my faith and openly share God’s goodness with others. Songwriting has enabled me the opportunity to now wear my faith on my sleeve, and to be able to minister to people through my music. I thank God for the gift of every song that He blesses me with, and for the messages that He allows me to relay. My hope is that you will be blessed by my words and music, and that you will see the hand of God in each and every song that I write.