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God puts these messages for my songs into my heart to share with you, so from my heart to yours, I hope you will be blessed by the words and music of each and every song that I write. Thank you for visiting my songsite and please check back periodically….I’m always adding new songs and videos!

Yours In Christ,



Don’t Cry for Me

I have simply fallen in love with this piece; its lyrics and composition are stunningly brilliant.  You should have been a clergyman.  I previously purchased the piano score in “C” and have performed it at church; the most recent performance was this week for All Souls day.  There was hardly a dry eye in the house. Many in the assembly raved over the lyrics, how deeply moved they were, and how the song touched them in so many ways.  A victim of much tragedy in my own life, this song has special meaning for me too, and brings much solace.  Thank you for the inner peace invoked by this wonderful song.


Hi Libby, I discovered your songs on you tube today 13th April.They are amazing,so uplifting and moving.They really toched my heart.I lost my beautiful husband in August 2015 my soulmate for 30 yrs,then recently my best fiend my lovely mum on October 2016.Your songs will help me so much.I love them so much.You are a inspiration,Thank You.I started to go to church last year when my husband died and I find it helps me ,I am so pleased to have my faith again,my lovely minister Andrea is a friend now.I also enjoyed the pictures with the songs,are they any DVD’S of them available.I have ordered some songs.Thanks Again.   Avril McAuley.  You can share on website if you wish. Kind Regards.
Green Side of the Grass

Thank you, I just ordered The Green Side Of The Grass in CD.  I plan on singing with it at my church, Waikoloa Baptist on the 5th Sunday nite sing the end of July.  On the 5th Sunday nite we do a open mike program where anyone who wants can sing, do a skit, play piano or guitar as they wish.  It always a great time of fellowship.  Thank you for this fantastic song.

Dorthy Owen

Don’t Cry for Me
I just wanted to let you know how much your songs, well at least these two, helped me.  My mom died on November 28th, 2015.  She has been sick for about two months.  She had kidney problems, congestive heart failure and interstitial lung disease.  She was bed ridden the past six months.  We were praying for her to walk again.  The last day of her life, which we were totally unprepared for.  You know, hindsight is 20/20, we should have known.  She had stopped eating, just to please me, that day she had a bite of rice pudding and a few sips of water and milk.  The doctors had come in and one had said on Thursday, this doesn’t mean the end, the ICU doc  said, it is the beginning of the end, when patients stop eating that is how they know.  The kidney specialist said it could be a long road.  So, we were crying and my sister was directly in front of my mom and she said in a clear mom-like voice, Don’t cry for me.  She also told the nurse she is worried about me, because I am going to be all alone and in the song Heavens now my home, you said God told her not to worry, he said I will be alright or ok.  She went into the hospital on Thursday, and died on Saturday morning about 4:32 am.  Both of these songs mainly Heavens now my home, just talked to me so much, and was so helpful in comforting me.  I am not healed and will probably never get over it, but I am trying to get through it and I am grateful to you, for being able to write these songs to help so many people find comfort.  If you would like to use this in your comments you may.
Dr. Neal Carlson, here
 I was surfing months ago and discovered a list of songs regarding my girl (wife’s) graduation to Heaven.  From all of them, I just chose one. – – that being the one mentioned above.- I put it on my computer desk top.
 Nanny (as we all call her) and I were married 53 1/2 years.  She had Parkinson.  It was so cool to hear certain words that were expressed that just fit us so.
 Today I was just eating lunch, watching the slide show on my picture frame on the table.  There were so many pictures of my girl and I was missing her so much – even though it has been a year and a month.  I started crying.
 So, I had the thought I would go to my home office and listen again to the song.  It was so anointed.  I listened 3 times through a bucket of tears.
 To re-wind:  Nanny went to bed with me but woke up in Paradise.  I might as well go ahead and tell some of the story.  Around 3:00 in the a.m. she asked for her sun glasses.  I said, “Nanny, you want what”  She said, “Sunglasses”. I told her I knew where they were – on top of the trunk in the garage, so I got them.  I am sorry to say, that it was not until the next day that it dawned on me (spirtual looser at the moment) that she was going into THE PRESENCE of our Lord. There was no indication when putting her into bed that this was going to be her time.
 Anyway, thanks again for that song, “Heaven’s Now My Home”  It blessed me over and over!!
 You can share my story, if you like.


 I just wanted to thank you again for helping me send your 2 CD’s to my friend.  She is now in a Cancer Hospital and her chemo therapy has been stopped early as too many side effects.  She is on a liquid diet and said her pain level is 10, and we all know how bad that is.  Her body is also fighting some infections, but she is still upbeat.  She told me her favorites are your:   “Jesus Jesus Jesus” song and “Rain On Me”,  I told her I am glad she can listen to your southing messages and upbeat songs.”Soul Train” and “Rainbow Bridge” are my favorites, but I enjoy all your songs, and listen to them on my I-phone, in my lazy boy chair, everyday.  I told my friend your music brings me to a peaceful place and she agrees.  I follow your blog now and also your fan letters.  Thanks again for helping my friend get though this terrible ordeal, your music and wonderful messages, is medicine of hope, you cannot get anywhere else!


Jean A. Faust

Saw a post on FB of “Green Side of the Grass” and thought it was clever enough that I listened to more.  However, hearing “Don’t Cry for Me” moved me deeply. I have had to listen to it and the various versions over and over.  I hope I don’t have any reason to use it for a long time, but it is such a comforting song that really captures the essence of Christian faith.  It is also comforting to know the Lord has blessed us with your amazing talent.   Thanks you so much!
R.G. Belie, PhD   Moorpark, CA
 “Don’t cry for me” was played at my fathers cremation.  I’d never heard of it and when I heard the lyrics my heart broke as they are so fitting, my father passed from dementia, and generally getting old with ill health, I’ve never believed in god I believe in something but wither its god or not I don’t know, obviously at the cremation god was mentioned a number of times as my father used to be a regular at church and the Salvation Army, you know sitting listening to this right there at my fathers send off something inside told me to consider a regular show at church but i feel like a hypocrite to show at a church and not believe in god. Wether it was just the lyrics being well fitting or something else that made that thought you really should be “out there” more your songs are a delight. Much love and thanks, Fiona xx
(This can be used as a comment if u wish)
Hi Libby
Peace be with you.
Today a friend of mine has emailed your
immortal song “Green side of the grass”
from Dubai.
I live in Mangalore, South India.
I was simply taken away by your song
It made me emotional n sentimental
Its a soul touching song.  I was so happy to
forward this song to many of my friends.
May God bless you to compose many
more songs.
Warm wishes

Cyril G.Sequeira


Dear Libby,

 A good friend of mine just sent me a link to your wonderful song, The other side of the grass, and I want you to know that I LOVED it…made me laugh, made me cry, made my day indeed!
I DO indeed go to bed at sunset and wake before dawn……
 I have sent it on to all my older lady friends ( I am “only 79” this year, but plan to be around for many more.
 How do I hear more of your songs?
 Thank you so much!
I loved this song  sent to me by a friend ! I forwarded it to my daughter who is a Case Manager for elderly clients .  I myself have also worked with aging patients and done much ” end of life work ” !
My hope is that many aging persons will hear this song as it shows the common issues that arise with aging . I don t think many people understand this  progression .
Seriously,  I burst out laughing when I realized what was meant by ” being on the green side of the grass ” . I hope others will also.Thanks for the song !PS. I am 73 years old and still working !Mary


Libby, I just want to thank you so much for the song that was sent to me by a friend. The song entitled, “Green Side Of The Grass.” I am 74 and all the words are so true! I especially love the words towards the end of the song saying that we will be with Jesus with our new bodies! I can’t wait! That is one of the many reasons I am so grateful God called me out to be His.  Keep up the good work! You do have a very special gift from our dear Lord!

I will be listening to your other songs too.

Your Sister In The Lord,

Lorena Aguilar

Dear Libby,
I just wanted to thank you for your very uplifting words in your beautiful song. I am faced with trying times right now and I really needed some encouraging words. You have been blessed with the gift to give others hope through song ❤️
Dear Libby,
I would like to express how grateful i am. you have helped me through my pain and grieving with your very touching and moving songs. “don’t cry for me” in particular i could related to me. I lost my nana late august of 2012, i was nearly 15 at the time. she was like a mum to me and not a day goes by that i don’t think of her thankfully your songs have helped me through each day and given me hope. your words sum up how i feel about her perfectly. i really hope you continue writing such moving songs, and touching peoples hearts like you did to mine!

                                                                                                             much love Freya.

Thanks, Libby! What a beautiful way to start the day. I could see myself in a tiny, white country church, sun streaming through its windows, with you up front, sitting in front of a piano, singing to a peaceful, happy congregation. That’s where you took me this morning! Thank you!
Your site is so beautiful and all the songs are extremely inspiring…Thank you so much…Rae Brown
Hi Libby
Listening to your music has  helped my wife Ann and I very much. We lost our 29 year old daughter to cancer of the blood and it traveled to her brain and she died in our arms in Hospital in Dundee Scotland. We promised her as she slipped away that we would take care of her 3 year old daughter and tell her of her Mummy and what like of person she was.
So please if others can take comfort from your music like we have then the Lord has blessed you and us. Thank you and Gods blessing in all that you do in His name.
Ann & Ron Ewing Aberdeen Scotland xx
I give my full permission to use our email.
Hi Libby, I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed the cd’s that I ordered from you, especially my all time favorite “Green Side of the Grass”. I listen to it 3 or 4 times on my way to work every morning. It makes my day! I want to order 5 more of the single CD, but I can’t remember how much they plus the postage were. Let me know so I can get a check in the mail. Thanks so much. Carol
My name is Gina.  I heard “DON’T CRY FOR ME” 1 year ago… a year and a half after my fiance died of cirrhosis of the liver.  He wasn’t a “believer” so to speak, but I truly believe he found his higher power as he took his last breath and that he is with Him now.  Pat was the greatest person.  He treated me like gold and now I am not sure how to get through this.  Yesterday marked 2 & 1/2 years since he died and I cried all day…I went to YouTube, found your song and stopped crying (for a  So thank you and you can repost this if you want.  Gina Marie
Libby,  your song about the Rainbow bridge and goodbye old dog has touched my heart.  I lost two dogs on Jan. 2nd and my daughter’s dog got ran over the last Sunday in Feb.  The vet could not save him.  I am having a really hard time dealing with all this. This is to much for me. We have never lost two dogs in one day. One is bad enough. I am talking to Pet Grief right now. I would like to have one on CD maybe two of each one.  Thank You and God Bless.   Jeannie Taylor
Lady, you made my day with the song! I will be 74 years old March 1st and this has been my favorite expression for the past 15+ of those years. Every time a friend starts with the complaints about being old I point at the grass and ask, “What color is that stuff?” They respond, “Green, why?” and I tell them, “Yes, and you aren’t looking at the brown side like a lot of our friends we started out with so quit complaining and get back to living! And while you are at it, thank God that he let you live long enough to get this old!”
It usually shuts them up. And like I say, if I die tonight it will have been one wonderful ride!!!
 Bill Bullock
You have made my day. What a cheerful way to brighten any bad day when I think that my “life is fading fast”. Thank you. I will share this with all of my 504 neighbors in my senior neighborhood village resort.
Your friend,
Paul Logan Rockhill

Thank you for the sheet music. We were able to print off both versions. Karen and I are
going to be married on May 18th. I am 73 and she is 71. We both lost our spouses, more
than 5 years ago. When we announced that we were going to get married, Karen’s 11
year old grandson went on line and found your song under christian wedding music.
Adam played the song for us and we both fell in love with the words, in fact they
express our feelings totally.
Thank you, Clayton and Karen

A link to your song was sent to me by an old Air Force retiree who received
it from an even older than us AF retiree and it really hits home.  We are
all way on the other side of 50.  Our philosophy is “It’s better to be
looking down at the green grass than up at the brown roots.
“Where did you get the photo for the title page?  If I’m not mistaken, it was
taken in our favorite part of Switzerland, the Bernese Oberland, where
Grindlewald is located.  The mountains in the background would be the Eiger,
Jungfrau, and Monck.  Visited there three times during my assignment to
Stuttgart 1987 – 1990.
Pete Siegel
San Antonio


“The photo was taken in Switzerland.  A friend, Sarah Schauer, travels abroad and lets me use her photos in my videos.  That photo just makes the video – I love it!  It’s actually the photo on the CD cover”.

Dear Libby,

I prefer the DVD video for “Green Side of the Grass” with on screen lyrics. It’s good for karaoke.  It’s a very groovy melody and a great graphic masterpiece.


Dear Libby,

The day I first heard the song “Don’t Cry for Me” I was deeply blessed by the heartfelt words to which you had written, and was even more blessed when I read the blog on your MySpace page as to how the song came about. On the radio that day they said we could contact you for a copy of the song and being so touched by it I had to get a copy of my own. Little did I know of the blessings that both God and you had in store for me! Being able to meet the person who wrote this song turned out to be an even a greater honor and humble blessing. For it is evident you are truly a devoted Christian who has a heart of Love for God, and for the people you meet.

I have since watched you grow and write many new songs, and I have been deeply blessed by each and every one. I share my excitement and blessings with many others each time you post a new song. Many of my favorites are “He Died for Me”, “I Surrender to You”, “Watching Over You”, “Be a Light in the Darkness”, “You Are My Everything”, “I Win Either Way”. But as you know, my most precious and favorite song now is the one you wrote for me and surprised me with a few weeks ago. Little did I know that in sharing my story with you about losing my wife to ovarian cancer, that you would be given words for the song you wrote for me, “Lift Me Up In Your Sheltering Arms”. I just want you to know that that song has deeply blessed and touched the very core of my heart in the love my wife and I shared, and the strength of Our Heavenly Father who’s Love and Peace gave me all that I needed to shelter this storm and carry on in the Love and blessings of life we once shared. Libby, I knew from the day I met you that God had truly placed an anointed blessing upon you. It is clear that you are meant to share God’s love through the blessings that are received by others in hearing your songs – they have certainly touched me! God has given you a blessing and talent to bring not only bring peace and comfort from your songs, (as you did in the song you wrote for me), but also in songs of joy, such as the wedding song, or the song that so tells us of the love that God gave us and continues to give us, through the death of his son on the cross. Your song “He Died for Me” captures that message beautifully!

May God’s love and grace continue to bless you and fill your heart with many more heartfelt words as you continue to bless us all with more songs. I’m every so honored, grateful, and blessed not only by the gift of the song you wrote for me, but in the new Christian friend that God has given me. Please feel free to share this with others, for as you know I’ll be telling others about your music ministry.

God Bless Libby,
Steve Cousins

Dear Libby,

I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing your songs have been to me. When Steve told me about the song “Don’t Cry For Me “ I had just lost my mother who was 98 and had 10 children. I could not get beyond the hole she left in my heart even though I knew she was with Jesus. Then I heard your song and it was as though my Mom was speaking to me and then the peace came because of the words in your song it made me see she was still in my heart and I in hers. God is good and I believe this all happen for a reason and I am greatful He put you in my life. I had cancer 20 years ago and survived cancer but have some side affects and again another one of your songs “ I Win Either Way” made me look at my journey in a different way and once again the peace came. I truly believe God is using you to help His children because you have a great way of expressing what we feel and you help us to pick ourselves up and keep working for the Lord. “ Share The Love” another great one for the way family’s are falling apart and too busy doing there own things that they don’t have time for family. I guess they don’t understand how soon something could happen to us and then it’s too late you don’t get a second chance. Thank you for writing this and I pray many will hear it and it will make a difference while they can. I am going to make a donation soon for I am wearing my CD out because I play it every night when I go to sleep and my sleep is peaceful because of God and you. I love all your songs and I like the “Rain On Me” song – it makes me feel as though God has just showering me with lots of love. Well I’d better quit before I have a book going and I do believe I could write one on your songs alone but you are a very sweet lady and I thank you so much. Keep them coming Libby and we thank you always, Bless you Libby .

Helen Bomar

Libby Allen’s songs reach deep down to that God shaped space in our hearts and fill our spirits with the joy and love we have for our Creator and Lord. Her inspired words and music touch our very being and assure us that the love of our God is greater than we can ever know until we see him face to face. She seems to be sharing secrets of him and his beautiful creation and creatures known only in moments of deepest worship and adoration. She is gifted with both a knowledge of his great grace and mercy and his gift to all of us of salvation and joy and she finds ways to share and express the awe we can feel in a deeper relationship with him. The songs always lift my spirit and make me want to soar through the sky and meet him face to face.

Beth Adkins

Franklin, NC


I just wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful song about me. “He’s Gotta Love Dogs,” was the best Christmas present I have ever received and I hope that the tears that I shed the first time I heard it made you realize just how special it was to me. I am so happy that I was able to inspire you to share such a personal message of mine with the world. I am tickled that I have become a small celebrity in your music world (“the Dog Song girl”). I can only hope that someone who has experienced the pain of a failed relationship will hear my song and realize that there is hope for a better future. You just have to make a list, check it twice, and be sure that it includes a love for dogs (or at least on my list it does).


Hello Libby,

My Mother passed away four weeks ago tomorrow. I find comfort in the scriptures and in songs. Words from songs come to me in the night. Last night I was awaken with the words”Don’t Cry For Me”. When I got up this morning I looked on youtube. I have never heard your song, never knew there was a song by that name. I played it and found such comfort in the words. It was Mama and God speaking to me in the night leading me to your song!!!

I have played it over and over today. Awhile ago I went to your site and read the story behind the song “Don’t Cry For Me”. Interesting that Fred had lost a leg, My Mom had to have both her legs removed due to diabetes. My Mom was in the nursing home. On Easter Sunday she had to be taken to the hospital with a severe UTI, which became septic. She was in and out of it for several days. One day during my visit she suddenly woke up and called me to her side and in a excited voice said’Guess where I’m going”…I said where are you going mama, and she said “To Heaven”…She closed her eyes and never said another word during my visit. Two days after Mother’s Day she went to heaven, all of our family was there as she took her last breath here and her first in Heaven…

One of my favorite songs was played at her service “If you could see me now” by Don Meon. I know she wouldn’t come back if she could…I find such comfort in that song. Now, I have your beautiful song to listen to as well. She wouldn’t want me to cry for her… I shared “Don’t Cry For Me” with my friends on facebook.

Thank You for the beautiful message in song.

Hope you have a blessed day.

Helen Brooks



Just wanted to thank you for your song.

I lost, Shorty, my 15 year old tabby last month.

Shorty was closer to me for longer than anyone in my whole life. I feel bad saying that but it is true.

Shorty was a large male cat with multitoed paws. His time was almost up long ago when I brought him home from the shelter. He was always there to greet me on the worst day or the best day.

And I never needed an alarm clock because he knew when to wake me up…for his breakfast.

As big as he was( 24-28 lbs.) he was gentle to his three sister cats. He was a jolly old soul who made sure he sat next to me when I was on the computer. He gave no sign that his time was coming. One day he just started breathing slowly and I prayed hard for the Lord to reach out to him. And suddenly he was called home. I lost my first wife to suicide but somehow I came through that. Losing Shorty is so much harder. It might be God’s way of saying that to find him again I have to get to Rainbow Bridge myself.

Anyway, I cry when I listen to your song. But my tears are not of sadness but of hope that he is in Rainbow Bridge and someday I will cross that bridge with him.

You can post this on your site.

Steve Milanesi

Fort Dodge, Iowa


dear libby allen———–your song (green side os grass) has really inspired a new height in my walk with the lord—————my first commitment to the lord was in a 2 ring tent in 1949 with billy graham———- now that i am 71 with parkinsons your song gave me additional insperation to live these days to its fullest and the lord will provide for me when he calls me home————-i would also like to purchase a cd to be used for my cellebration of my life————you may use this message for your web site if you like————-respectfully———dale johnson astoria,


The most beautiful I’ve heard. So touching when you have lost a husband.

I write Gospel songs, when my husband passed away, I wrote a song for him.

Yours is better.

God Bless you, keep on writing.

Augusta Jones

Hi Libby, I am writing you again to tell you that I truly enjoy listening to your songs. I don’t like to iron that much, so I had quite a big this morning. I went to your web site and listened to your songs. They put me in a different mood and before I knew it, I had the ironing finished!! Love your messages in the songs. You are a beautiful Christian woman. Hope to buy one of your CD’s in the near future. May God bless you for your witness. Also, you may use my letter in your commentary link. Also, thanks for getting back to me about the last line in your song, The Green Side of the Grass. I LOVE that song. It is special to me.


Hello, my name is Dana. I just wanted to write to you after I found your website and found a chance to do so. Your song “Don’t cry for me” has become very dear to me and i found a lot of comfort in the lyrics and music of this song. My very close friend passed away unexpectedly only a little over than 9 months ago and almost right after it happened, I found this song and have listened to it ever since. With no doubt it has been one of the hardest years of my life, but God has been using His Word and other people to send comfort. This song especially touched my heart because I could feel that it came from someone who lived through similar times and who has found comfort in God just as I have been doing. I could feel it even before I read your story. Also, just recently I found another song called “I’m gonna be with you once more” and it also gave me much comfort. These songs give so much hope and by listening to them it sometimes feels as if it is my friend who says all these words and for a moment I could closer feel her presence. Thank you for creating and sharing these songs! May God richly bless you!

Sincerely, Dana

Dear Libby, I have been saying “I’m Still On Thre Green Side Of The Grass” since July 10, 2000 when I had 3+ Breast Cancer & a cemo burn in Nov. (last treatment). I PTL that I’m still here. I tell everyone I’m on God’s time. My mother had the same kind of cancer, same place & it took her in 1989. Come the Spring of 2001 I would walk out on the grass instand of the sidewalk & feel how soft the grass was under my feet & what a pretty green; look up to the clouds & say a pray of thanksgiving. It was wonderful when an old HS classmate (over 50 yrs.) sent me a E-mail of your song last week. It fits me to a “T”. God’s Love & Saving Grace, “It’s Real, It’s Real, It’s Realy Real” is another thing I say. I will be 70 come Oct. & God isn’t done with me yet; I also run on a Pacemaker since March of 2007. I find myself saying to others, “None of us are going to get out of here alive; we all are going to die of something. We all will go one of two places; I know where I’m going – How About You ?” My name is : Ruthie Tiesma, I live in Portage, MI God Bless You 6/23/12


dear libby allen———–your song (green side os grass) has really inspired a new height in my walk with the lord—————my first commitment to the lord was in a 2 ring tent in 1949 with billy graham———- now that i am 71 with parkinsons your song gave me additional insperation to live these days to its fullest and the lord will provide for me when he calls me home————-i would also like to purchase a cd to be used for my cellebration of my life————you may use this message for your web site if you like————-respectfully———dale johnson astoria,


Loved the song it is so apropos!!!!!! also very well sung as well as the accompaniment. Thank you; OOOO (O in salutation means a hug)



Dear Libby,

A friend sent me the aging song and although it started out as many do, a humorous look at aging, it turned into something so much more. It is not funny (well, it is, but…) but rather I found it to be very inspirational. I am 65 and dealing with severe arthritis in the back, spinal stenosis, several other things, and although I generally am grateful for the abilities I DO have rather than the ones I am losing (mobility), some days it gets me down. I shall try to remember your song and smile for I am on the right side of the sod and God still has work for me before I sleep.

Thank you,



I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your song! I believe in having my glass half full, so this inspired me to keep on believing!

At 61 today, I would NOT go back in time, rather I look forward to what is ahead! This is a wonderful time of life!

Thank you for your talent and inspiration!

Libby Cain


Ms. Allen

I had to write to say what a wonderful song that was. I burst out laughing which took 10 years off my face. I’ve sent it to everyone I know or have even thought about knowing. It’s just wonderful!!

Thank you,




Thank you for writing this song. I laughed so hard until I cried. My uncle sent it to me and I have sent it to all my friends who are over 50. You got it all right. Just learned that I had arthritis at 55 so when I heard your song I felt that I was not alone. Thank you, Thank you, for sharing your talent.

God Bless you,