Time sure flies.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

My real estate job has kept me very busy – it’s that time of year  – customers coming out of the woodwork.   I’ve tried to cut back some to make time for my music but I often find myself in a creative mindset at inopportune times.  I never know when those spurts of creativity are going to come but when I get going, I go for hours!  Let’s take recording, for example:  I can’t record live music or vocals early in the morning because my microphone is so sensitive, I can hear birds singing outside through my supposed soundproof walls in my studio.   I can’t record music at dusk because I can hear crickets outside.  I often can’t record late at night because of the raccoons banging on my bird feeders.   I can’t record when someone is doing yard work nearby or like yesterday (on the weekend) when what has to be a young teenager has a car stereo turned up to decibels that the human brain shouldn’t be subjected to.   I can’t record when an airplane flies over, or the garbage pickup truck is down the road.   I often find myself recording and then rerecording sections of songs that have so called “interference”.  I spent $50.00 for each piece of “soundproof sheetrock” but the glass in my octagonal music room just isn’t conducive to keeping the noise out.   I do have an area for a little sound booth but just haven’t completed “soundproofing” it yet – which would involve foam type walls, etc.

Since my last entry, we found out my mother has a broken bone in her spine – it just deteriorated.   I’m taking her in for a bone density study tomorrow and have been helping my dad out quite a bit with caregiving.  My parents are both 80.  Prayers for Mom’s comfort and ability to get along would be most appreciated.

My husband’s grandmother passed away about 2 weeks ago.   All of the family was with her when she passed.  It took us letting her know that we would be okay to give her the peace she needed to transition to Heaven.  She fought so hard to hang on and stay with us.   I had the honor of singing at Granny’s funeral.  (A few years ago, Granny heard my song “Don’t Cry for Me”, and she said she wanted it sung at her funeral one day).   What a privilege it was to fulfill her request.   Backing up a few days, the night Granny died, the words and melody of a new song flooded into my mind – another divine download –  a message that I was supposed to give to the family to let them know that she was okay.   At Granny’s service, I was talking with a family member, Ferrell,  who also plays guitar.   When we got to the house after Granny’s service,  Ferrell and I went in a back room and practiced my new song, “Paradise”, and then surprised the family by playing/singing it for them.   “Paradise” is a joyful song of comfort and reassurance – I can’t wait to share it with you!   I thank God for giving it to me.   Just finished recording and orchestrating my new song and now the time consuming VIDEO….  A single video can take up to 30-40 hours to create – just for a 3-4 minute song.   It’s a labor of love though!  


Since my last entry, I sliced my finger on a piece of glass (ring finger on my left hand) and ended up in urgent care.   Haven’t been able to play the guitar.  On top of that, I had a cyst removed off of my left toe.   I was instructed by both physicians (the finger doctor and the toe doctor) not to get the areas wet.  I love nothing more than soaking in a hot tub (it helps me relax) but I have to tell you it was quite the experience with a bum left hand and a bum left foot hanging out of the water.   Getting in wasn’t a problem – getting out was another story!    Probably more than you need to know.. 🙂

So between real estate, taking care of my  mother, a death, and injury, I’ve been pretty busy.  Wanted to take a few minutes to check in with you’ll though and let you know I’m still alive and well.   I should have my song/video up in a few days and will post it in an upcoming blog entry so check back soon!