I met two personal goals this week!   My website actually just rolled over 100,000 visitors (which truly warms my heart), and my “Green Side of the Grass” original YouTube video just rolled over FIVE MILLION VIEWS which just amazes me!   I’m so excited!   I created this new website (rather, I hired someone to create it), back in September of 2012, just 5 months ago.  At the time I had carried over about 25,000 views from my old website to the new website, so to learn that over 75,000 people have visited my site and/or returned to my site to hear my music is such a blessing to me.   God gives me messages to share through my music.  I’m glad you’re here today to hear some of my music.  My website is designed to allow you to hear my songs in their entirety free of charge.   I hope at least one of my songs will have special meaning for you.  After 51 years, I feel I’ve finally found my calling.  I’m supposed to write songs.   I think God allowed me to travel down many winding roads, rocky paths, and dusty trails over the years, to enable me to live the life lessons that have enabled me to write these songs and bring them to you!   I’m honored to be God’s instrument.  If you’re a first time visitor, welcome to my songsite!   If you are a returning listener, welcome back!

If you aren’t familiar with my site, the best place to hear my music is to click on the LISTEN tab at the top of the page, and then click on the WATCH VIDEOS/HEAR SONGS link to see the selection.  I spend endless hours creating videos to accompany my songs, it’s truly a labor of love.  The videos take anywhere from 10-40 hours to produce.  I often create them in the wee hours of the night which seems crazy for just a 3-4 minute song!  I love every minute of it though.   The videos allow me to share my music through the YouTube venue, which probably is how you heard about my music to begin with!   I hope my songs and videos will be a blessing to you.

Have a beautiful day in our Lord.   May His light shine upon your face.