Happy New Year!
I hope each and every one of you have a very happy and healthy 2016!
Time sure flies doesn’t it!
I can’t ever predict when a new song is going to enter my mind. Sometimes a song won’t leave me alone until I give it birth. Words and melodies literally haunt my mind until I get them down on paper. “Haunt” probably isn’t the best word, but I’m not sure how else to describe it…. It’s kind of a driving force that keeps on and on.
I just finished a new song yesterday for a friend of mine who recently lost his wife. I’m hoping to have it recorded by a friend of his (male vocalist), in the next week or two and will share it with you then. While most of my songs can be sung by either a man or a woman, this song is specific to a male vocalist. As you know, most of the songs I write about loss are from the perspective of the departed loved one relaying a message back to the one who has been left on earth. This one’s a little different… It’s written in context of the person left on earth speaking to their departed loved one in Heaven.
A friend recently asked me why I write songs about loss, why not write something else? The messages just come to me, often from happenings, or from “messages”, or feelings that I get. I never know what’s next! I do know that God uses the songs I write about loss to help people who are grieving – I am honored and blessed to be his instrument. I love getting emails from people who are touched by my songs. It encourages me and reinforces for me that I am doing the Lord’s work. If one of my songs has special meaning for you, I would love to hear from you!