A few weeks ago, my husband found a baby squirrel lying on our concrete driveway.  The baby had a bloody nose and mouth and mama squirrel was no where in site.  The squirrel nest was overhead  in a treetop.  It’s a miracle he survived!  My husband scooped the little guy up and had him waiting in a box when I got home.  So this little baby literally fell into my life….   I started researching on how to care for an orphan squirrel and hooked up with a rehabber friend from high school who was “in the know”.  I named our bundle of joy “Lucky” because he survived the fall.   He has quickly won our hearts.   I’ve fed him special formula religiously 3 times a day since his arrival, and today he’s mostly weaned and nearing release.  Letting Lucky go will be a happy but sad day for me.   I do hope he comes back to visit. 🙂   Hand feeding this little guy with a syringe has taught me a new form of nurturing I didn’t know I had in me.   I don’t have children and never really felt maternal until now, at 53.  I’ve always had a heart for animals and the pets I’ve had have been loved like children.   I’m glad God brought Lucky into my life because I now know that I am now supposed to help rehabilitate orphaned squirrels.   About 2 weeks ago, I contacted a local rehab center and asked if they had any single squirrels about Lucky’s age.  I had read that it was best to raise and release them in groups to help chance of survival in the wild.   As luck would have it, they had gotten in a lone squirrel, another male.   I  brought the little guy home and he quickly became Lucky’s “Buddy” so we name him accordingly.  Lucky and Buddy are best buds now, thriving, and enjoying the treats I give them and screened back porch excursions where they get practice jumping, climbing, frolicking and scurrying.  Their little claws are sharp as raisers and they tend to cling onto just about everything!   It’s been such a joy for both me and my Husband.   The rehab director phoned me a week ago and asked me to squirrel sit a few more for a week and I gladly took them in.   With 5 new babies and feedings 3 times a day, I’ve managed to fit squirrel time into my busy life.   Feeding God’s little creatures truly warms my heart and I’m glad little Lucky fell into my life.

Here are some  photos of the journey!IMG_4717 IMG_4327 IMG_4268 IMG_4198 IMG_4107 IMG_4092 IMG_4060 IMG_4055 IMG_4030 IMG_3956 IMG_3928 IMG_3884 IMG_3860 IMG_3838 IMG_3833 IMG_3832