Took some time off recently and took a walk with my husband at the Alfred Arms Greenway, a beautiful 865 acre park on the East side of Tallahassee.  Jim bike rides in the area and had been wanting me to see “the bridge”.  Our walk took us down a botanical path that lead to an impressive covered bridge that overlooked a large water body.   I was intrigued by the lone tree in the water and spotted a hawk up in the trees.   Snapped a photo of the State of Florida Butterfly, the “Zebra”, and captured a bee and butterfly sharing a meal.   I’m always excited to take nature and landscape pictures to use in my future music videos.   Thought I’d share some of my new photos with you!  IMG_5946

I have a new male vocalist scheduled to come record my song “Paradise” next Wednesday – I’ve been working on a new instrumental mix for my song in fleeting hours of the night over the past week.   There just aren’t enough hours in the day.   Will I ever be able to retire?   Hoping to get caught up soon so I can spend more time with my music.

IMG_5962 IMG_5934 IMG_5966 IMG_5969 IMG_5976 IMG_5982