For those of you who don’t know, my husband Jim, is an avid mountain biker. I even wrote a song for him called “I’ve Gotta Ride”, and created a neat virtual tour video ride through the woods which is on YouTube and on my website.  You can hear the song/watch the video on the videos page of my site by clicking on LISTEN at the top of the page, then VIDEOS, and then by scrolling down to the 2nd row from the bottom on the right.  The video will allow you to actually experience mountain biking without ever getting on a bike!  Jim’s been competing in the Georgia Series and I’m proud to say, he won the Georgia State Championship for his age group.  The event was in Helen Georgia. I’d never been to Helen so the 4 day trip was an adventure. Helen is mostly tourist oriented with lots of German themed shops and restaurants.  I came across one  restaurant called “The Meeting Place” (I had seen it highly rated on Trip Advisor and someone on the internet mentioned a sign that said “Christian and Amerian” so I wanted to see what that was all about). The Meeting Place is in fact Christian owned.  It’s just a delightful  restaurant. We ate there twice and had the pleasure of hearing Emily White play guitar and sing in the courtyard – even bought one of her CD’s – amazing vocalist and songwriter.  Breakfast was amazing and the owner/chef came out to ensure our food was cooked to our satisfaction. The hubby ordered chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and to our surprise, the pancakes were shaped like the face of a bear with little ears, a nose and a mouth – very cute!  I highly recommend The Meeting Place if you travel to Helen. One other highlight was our Monday morning trip to AnnaRuby Falls.  I love waterfalls!   There is a little paved trail that leads up to the falls with cement benches to stop and rest along the way (if needed!).  Even though summer, the walk was delightful and the temperature cool and shady.  When we got to the falls, there was a refreshing mist of water in the air.  I took about 100 photos of the falls, creek and trail – will share a few here.  That waterfall ranks right up there with some of the North Carolina falls I’ve seen. Got some beautiful photos!  In one of the photos, if you look carefully, fallen tree limbs resemble a cross. 🙂   On the way back down the trail, we spotted a cool spider web in the rocks and some beautiful flowers.  I’m just thrilled with my new camera!   It’s such a joy to capture God’s beauty in a photo.  You’ll be seeing some of these new photos in future song videos.










Beauty was buzzing along the trail. 







On the way up to Helen, we were at a stop light passing through a little town. It was overcast and I looked up and snapped a shot of a waving flag. Thought it would be appropriate to post for the 4th of July.

I still promise to soon upload photos of my new music room. It’s still a work in progress. Real Estate (day job) has kept me very busy but I did manage to start a new song this weekend on the trip. Hope to have some relaxation time soon to work on music and videos.   I do monitor my song website and emails daily so feel free to send me an email:

I would love to hear from you!

I’m going in for surgery on July 17th so please say a prayer for me. I’m not too worried and if anything happens, I know where I’m going!

Hope you enjoy my new photos. 🙂