About 2 years ago, I wrote a song for my husband about his love for mountain bike riding called “I’ve Gotta Ride”    My good friend Judy Alexander (an avid runner) loved the bike riding song but told me I should write a running song for all of the runners out there.   It’s been a long time coming but at long last, I’ve created my newest song and video entitled …… you guessed it, “I’ve Gotta Run”.  Ironically, “National Running Day” is right around the corner – yes there is such a day!   I’m not a runner myself – wrote this for my friend, but I hope my song will be an inspiration to runners everywhere and that the video will bring you enjoyment to watch.  I’ve got over 40 hours in making the video but it was a labor of love – loved every minute of it!    Be sure to watch the funny bloopers at the end.  This is the first video I’ve created with actual footage of me singing.  Feel free to share the video link with your friends and family!   I’ll be adding the song to my site for mp3 download capability in the next few days.


Libby 😉