When I started this music ministry a few years ago, I never really knew how many lives my songs would touch.  When I look back now at the trials I experienced with the loss of my brother, Mark, and my best friend, Mitzi, (both to cancer), I can see God’s hand in all of this.  Without my having experienced those losses, I would have never had the empathy to be able write songs which can now help so many people.  When I receive the occasional email like the one I’m about to share with you, it encourages me to continue writing and validates that I am doing the Lord’s work.   This one warmed my heart… I feel blessed.

My mother just passed away early morning on January 24, 2015.  The morning of her death, my brother,
sister and I listened to several songs to choose one to be sung at her funeral service.  We listened to
many beautiful songs that would have been appropriate, but when we heard your song, “Heaven’s Now
My Home”, we all looked at each other in tears, because this was the PERFECT song for our Mother.
There are words in the song that we told her not long before she took her last breath.  My mother had
more faith in God than anyone I ever knew.  She had a constant smile on her face, and always found the
good in people, no matter who they were or what their history was.  My mother never met a stranger,
and always started conversation with anyone around her.  I believe my brother’s friend, Barb Henderson,
contacted you for some assistance after asking her to sing for us.  She sang and her husband played the
guitar, and they did a wonderful job.  We had so many wonderful comments about your song and everyone
wondered how we found such a perfect song for Mom!  It is truly one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever
heard, and I play it constantly in my car while driving.  I will treasure this song forever.
 Feel free to share my thoughts as you wish.
Linda Elzey
The Family of Jean Irwin