I hope everyone is still enjoying my music.   Just go to the LISTEN tab at the top and the VIDEOS page to hear all of my songs in their entirety.   There is never an obligation to purchase anything from my site, although I have made my music available if needed.

I’m sorry I haven’t had alot of time for songwriting or blogging these past few months as my mother has been critically ill.   I’m on call 24/7.   I’ve spent countless hours at the hospital, at the rehab center, back in the hospital, and now at my parent’s home. Hospice has been engaged and we now have my mom at home as she only has a few weeks left here on earth before she is called home to Heaven.  I take my guitar over and play and sing to mom several times a week.   It brings her comfort and makes her smile.   It gives me joy.

Prayers are needed for my sweet mother’s peace and comfort, and for my strength as I go through the trial of losing my mother.   My heart is broken as it is so hard to watch her decline.    Mom has lymphoma along with other issues and is not a good candidate for chemotherapy.   My mom is my best friend.   She was always the first one I would test out a new song on and being a former school teacher, she was a great editor of my lyrics if something wasn’t “grammatically” correct.  She loved hearing my songs and would often dance around to the more lively tunes or shed a tear with the sensitive songs.   If you click on the VIDEOS page and scroll down to the song “I’VE GOTTA RUN”, at the end of that song you will see funny out-take bloopers of my mom that will warm your heart.   I love my dear mother with all of my heart and soul.  My Dad is having a hard time too – they have been married or 60 years…..

I lost my brother Mark, to cancer 25 years ago.  Losing a sibling was hard but this loss cuts like a knife.   I know that God used the trial of that loss to enable me to have the empathy to write so many songs about loss that are now helping others with the grief of losing a loved one and I feel blessed to be God’s instrument.   I have emotions stirring around in my soul with the thought of losing my mother.  I have no doubt that in God’s timing, I will reduce those emotions to songs that I will be able to share with you in the future.

Thank you in advance for your prayers as our family goes through this difficult trial.