I wanted to share my new video and male vocal version of my song, “Rainbow Bridge”.  In Memory of special pets who have touched our hearts and enriched our lives.   Feel free to share my video link with your friends and/or family.

I wrote the song, “Rainbow Bridge” back in 2010 after the loss of my beloved cat, Cheddar. I rescued Cheddar from an abandoned house and had several wonderful years with him before I lost him to cancer. When Cheddar died, a friend gave me a copy of the popular “Rainbow Bridge” story/poem. The story/poem gave me great comfort. I was inspired by the original Rainbow Bridge story to create my song, “Rainbow Bridge” using my own words. I married the lyrics to a beautiful melody and created orchestration with a melodic blend of piano and harp music.
My beloved “Cheddar” appears in this video, along with my horse, “April”.
I also took the “horses on the hill” photo that appears at the end of my video. I snapped that shot a few days ago, just before uploading the video, and knew when I took the photo that it would be used in this memorial tribute. 🙂
I hope my song and video will be a blessing to you and give you comfort if you are suffering from the loss of a pet as well as reassurance that we will one day see our pets again in Heaven.


“Rainbow Bridge”
Words and Music by: Libby L. Allen, Copyright 2010
Vocals by: Bobby Kennedy
Video Production by: Libby L. Allen, Copyright 2013
Special thanks to friends who contributed photographs for my video production.
Photo Credits:
Libby Allen
Kristi Boniella
Craig Brown/Lori Forrester
Lee Howell
Kathy Kelly
Terri Norman
Sarah Schauer
Ken Tyson