My Real Estate job has kept me extremely busy these last few weeks so no new creations. I’ve got a few song starts and some neat video ideas, just not enough time in the day!
I just wanted to take time thank you all for your orders. I’ve mailed packages all over the world to cities and places that I didn’t know existed! Interesting places!  You might not realize this, but being a bit of a perfectionist, I hand check each CD that I create and mail out (listen to snippets of every song on the CD to ensure they transferred to the CD properly).  I have a professional duplication machine that copies the CD’s from a master and a separate printer I use to print the artwork on the CD’s.   I also watch every video in its entirety before it goes out.  Then I hand package, create the lables, fill out customs forms if overseas, write a little personal note to each person to go in each CD package and then hand deliver them to the post office.  I know all of the girls at the post office by name now. If a week goes by without seeing me, they ask me where I’ve been!  Sweet ladies. 🙂  I even bought a “fragile” and “first class” stamp from the post office to save the girls some time. I’m addicted to “Hobby Lobby”, a craft store, and love buying different colored ribbon to wrap around the CD’s. It’s so much fun!  I even bought a hoola skirt that I cut up to use the grass to often tie around the “Green Side of the Grass” Cd’s. Yes, that’s my cat “Callie” on the right hand side visiting.
My music ministry isn’t about selling CD’s and downloads.   It’s about sharing the words and music that God has given me with others – that’s why I offer the music to listen to free on my website and create the videos to help promote my songs.   If one life can be changed in a positive way by a song I’ve written, that’s reward enough.  The orders are just a blessing.

I’m very excited – in the process of building a new Music Room!   It’s going to be beautiful.  I’ll share some of the saga and pictures of the progress in my next post.

Blessings, Libby 😉