I never know what’s coming next…..   This time, God impressed upon my heart  to create a song or PSA (Public Service Announcement) about texting and driving.  I think most of us with a smart phone are probably guilty of taking a peek at the phone while behind the wheel, even if at a stop sign, or have seen other people text while driving.   My little story song will hopefully make the listener think twice.   The catchy little jingle about 1/2 way through will hopefully stay in someone’s head to bring home the message.  This new song is only 3:01 minutes long so I hope you will listen yourself and then forward the video link to your friends or family.   Creating, orchestrating, recording, and doing the 3 minute video production took over 20 hours to create, (a labor of love!) but  if my little song can save one life, it will have been worth it!