It’s that time of year again!   Off to see the wonders of God’s Country in North Carolina.    I wish I had this packing thing down….   I’m not sure why I feel the need to pack excessive clothing but I was talking to a girlfriend at lunch about it today and she said she does the same thing.  She likes to have “choices”.   So when I packed not one but three bags of enough clothing to last me double the length of our trip, I somehow felt validated.  Told my husband when he grumbled about all of the luggage that I needed “choices”.   Of course the guitar is going with me so my husband prepared me that I might not be able to lay my seat down in his truck.   I’m on a mission to take some beautiful landscape photos to use in my videos – I’m taking the good camera!  Can’t wait to see the magnificent waterfalls and return to the beauty of the mountains.   We aren’t doing a cabin this year – headed to a new destination and decided to do the hotel thing until we get to know the City.   (Of course, the ultimate dream is to be a snowbird and be able to vacation several months North Carolina during our hot and humid Florida summer months).   I’m also hoping to gain inspiration from the wondrous sights God has in store for me and to spend some time writing.  Hubby’s taking his mountain bike so he can stay busy while I ponder.    I spent a few hours pre packaging various CD’s to be able to mail out during the trip if needed so no worries if you need to order a physical CD or DVD.  I’ll have most of them with me.   I would be ever so stressed delaying someone’s order because of my travels so I’m prepared if you need me!   After all, surely those mountain towns have post offices.    I hope you enjoyed my newest recording/video in my last post.  If you haven’t heard it, I’m reposting the link below.

Blessings to you all.