A new year is the perfect time for resolution.   So far so good.  I’ve resolved to eat healthy food and exercise (since I’ve been out of control with the m&m’s lately). I’ve been working on a new song and had to share.   This one’s Southern Gospel style.   I was recently inspired attending a Booth Brothers concert – super nice guys blessed with some of the tightest  harmonies I’ve ever heard.   Well I recorded the piano part of my new little song yesterday and since the hubby wanted to watch football tonight, I decided to record the vocal.   Here’s the funny part ….(well it wasn’t funny at the time) but I can chalk it up to the adversary trying to keep me from recording this new song!  The first interruption was a train whistle in the distance – had to wait for it to pass.   Then I could hear a clock ticking (had to remove the battery) –  that microphone picks up everything!  Then it was the resident raccoon outside my window banging on metal trying to get food out of the bird feeders, then the heat compressor kicking on more than one time, then an airplane flying overhead, and then believe it or not, another train.   I couldn’t believe it!   While my walls are supposed to be sound proof, I’m telling you that my microphone is so sensitive it would pick up a pin dropping.   Anyway, I managed to lay a rough vocal down tonight with some nifty little harmony parts.   It’s funny how the music just comes to me.  I thank God for this gift.  This song has been on my mind for weeks.  What brought it to the forefront was waking up several days in a row with a catchy little melody in my head.  I had written most of the lyrics but struggled with this song trying to create a second verse and then I decided to just go with one simple verse, repeated choruses, a bridge, and a lift (raised chorus).   It’s a short little song but has a very catchy tune and some very uplifting words.  Can’t wait for you to hear it – you’ll be singing along!    I hope to wrap up recording and finish my project in the next day or two and then it’s on to the YouTube video so I can share it out there.   Some of my videos have taken up to 40 hours to create (for a 3-4 minute video!) so I’ll need a few days to produce a video but do check back in to hear my new song!  I think you’ll be glad you did and hope you will be blessed by the words and music. 🙂