Neat story….wanted to share it with you.
NEW VOCALIST/GUITARIST FROM IRELAND! I feel it was divine intervention that over the internet a few weeks ago, I met a wonderful man named Alan McCarthy, who emailed to ask permission to sing my song, “Heaven’s Now My Home” at an upcoming Remembrance Mass in Ireland. In Alan’s email, he surprised me by attaching an mp3 demo recording of him singing my song. I immediately fell in love with Alan’s soothing voice and a few weeks later, I’m proud and excited to have Alan McCarthy now singing and recording several of my songs!!! I hope my video, words, and music will be a blessing to you or to someone that you know who has experienced a loss.
This song was truly a divine download and is probably one of the most beautiful songs I have ever written. (I wrote this song to honor my brother Mark, and best friend, Mitzi, who both died of cancer.)
I feel that God used my trials of loss to enable me to write songs that can now bring comfort to people all over the world. I feel blessed to be God’s instrument and messenger.
Feel free to share the video link with your friends and family.
Here’s the video link. I hope it will be a blessing to you.