I wrote this song as a Tribute to a friend and fellow Realtor, Linda Dix Huffman. Her special smile, laugh, and caring compassion will be memories those of us who had the privilege of knowing her will hold on to forever. Linda was our longtime Instructor at the Tallahassee Board of Realtors. She was a mentor, role model, and a well respected person in the community. Linda was a true Southern Belle and a beautiful person both inside and out. She will be missed….  

I had the honor and privilege of creating a custom video for Linda’s Celebration of Life Service.   Linda’s Tribute can be seen on the videos page of my website by clicking on LISTEN at the top and then VIDEOS.
I hope my song and video will bring comfort to her family and friends. As I was writing the song, orchestrating the mix and creating the video, I felt her spirit with me. One of the photos featured in my video is of a female cardinal that I saw out my window a few weeks ago. I inserted the photo during the words “keep on keepin’ on”. After I had created the video, I asked her husband what her favorite bird was and he said “Cardinal”. I felt chills run down my arms. I feel so blessed that God has given me the gift of music to share messages of hope and comfort with others. I do hope the song will be a blessing to others. I think Linda would tell us all to “Keep on keepin’ on”.
Goodbye Is Not Forever
Words and Music by: Libby L. Allen, Copyright 2015
Vocals and Video Production by: Libby Allen