Well, I’m turning all of 52 this Wednesday, the 16th, another birthday rolling by.  Time sure flies.   Mom told me when I was born there was a hint of fall in the air and white daisys were blooming so I’ve always had an affinity for daisys.   So sorry for not posting in a while but I’ve had a myriad of physical ailments since my recent surgery (not surgery related) including a stomach virus last week, to dislodging a crown on my tooth from eating sticky white rice because of the stomach virus, (yes that really happened!), to experiencing some numbness/tingling and now wearing an elbow brace when I sleep, to now a having a cold of all things, but hey, at least I’m on the green side of the grass!    I really am on the mend, minus one crown on my tooth….  It’s always something, and like they say, when it rains it pours.  Who said that anyway!

I got to pick out an early birthday present that I wanted to share with you.  I asked for a bird feeder, a butterfly bush, and some bird seed and corn for the squirrels and deer.   My dad bought me a bag of wildlife food about a week ago and I started putting it out on the ground.  The first two days, I didn’t have many visitors.  Now the word has spread amongst the critters and my little piece of paradise is grand central station!   The birds and squirrels actually now wait for me to come out in the morning!   As many of you know, my music room is octagonal shaped with a wall of windows that literally bring the outside in.   Well my wonderful hubby took me to the tractor supply store yesterday and let me pick out my bird feeder.   I’ve already gained hours of enjoyment just watching the animals.  Callie, my inside cat, thoroughly enjoys being entertained from the other side of the glass as well although I caught her napping today.
When I was younger, I always thought bird watching was for older folks but now that I’m an older folk and on the green side and everything, I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been missing out!   What entertainment!  I find it very exciting to see the different species of birds that come to feed.   I’ve captured a few photos out my window and even had a deer come visit about an hour ago.  It’s really neat to be just 15 feet away from God’s little creatures and be able to enjoy them this way.   The deer seem to have such a keen sense of hearing and can see the least little movement I make behind the glass.   I now keep my camera close at hand so I can capture the beauty to share.  I’m sure some of these photos are going to make it into future videos, speaking of which….

I have been working on a new song and video.  It’s another comical song with a message so get ready!  I’m uploading it to YouTube as we speak and will attach it in my next blog.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday and enjoys the photos I captured today.   The pictures make my heart smile.


Libby 😉

I’ve had lots of visitors today!  A beautiful Deer, Blue Jay, female Cardinal, squirrel,  male Cardinal with another bird I don’t know the name of.   Check out my new Bird Feeder (with the cross!)